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Let’s make things interesting with a little competition …

We will be posting various little contest that you all can participate in, the winners entry will be posted on the blog! (unless other prizes/awards are specified) so get engaged! Comment! Submit your entries! *NOTICE*(When submitting entries make sure to specify what contest you are entering for so we can compare to the correct group! Thanks!)


Pet Picture Contest!

Our pets look sooooo adorableeeeeeeeeeee playing in our back yard winter wonderlands, submit a video of your pet playing in the snow and we will determine which is the cutest of all!

—–Check out these videos of cute animals playing in the snow to get inspired!





MEME Contest!

We’ve all seen then, read them, and laughed for minutes or hours at them. Meme’s are everywhere and are made for almost every subject you can think of. Submit your favorite (appropriate) meme or one of your own creation! We will pick several of the funniest memes and post them up for you to vote for! Here are some of our favorites, send us yours so we can determine THE GREATEST MEME OF ALL!

Bad luck Brian meme - Makes eye contact with a female  medusaSocially Awkward Penguin - Alone in wallmart isle when employee walks up stand still untill he leavesPhilosoraptor - If a tomato is a fruit Then is ketchup a smoothie?



Comment with pictures of your beautifully decorated Christmas trees! We know they are going to go up soon, try to go all out this year! We would love to see your unique ornaments and decorative styles. If you do not celebrate Christmas, send us a picture of a display symbolic of your holiday!

Whimsical Christmas tree Decoration Ideas


           The Most amazing Virtual Holiday Card!

 Do something new this holiday season and send a virtual christmas card instead of paper ones! Sing your favorite Christmas carroll and wish your loved ones a great holiday. Then, send it to us! here is a great example, remember get creative!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zcil8jIDKA


Poetry Contest!

For all the poets out there this one is for you. Send us a simple poem about the seasons. Whether that is about how summer, spring, fall or winter, share your writings with us for a chance to win!

Here is a short sample poem about the seasons!

 November November your end is near

Decemeber Decemeber your frosty chill is here!


The most creative use of buttons:

 Bored? Got buttons? Great! Make any unique craft, tool, or design with them and submit it here so that we can share your creative tactics!


 Comment with your favorite craft projects!  Crafts are a great way to redecorate your room and have fun being artsy and creative. the  coolest craft idea  gets posted on the blog! Here is  a great website that can help you get your creative juices flowing:http://parentingteens.about.com/od/crafts/Crafts_Craft_Project_Ideas.htm



Those of you out there that are good with technology we got a fun summer project idea: submit your own book trailer! You’ve seen trailers for all the new movies coming out this summer, but did you know that people make film style trailers like that for books too!? Here are links to a few you can check out. Then, try to make your own for your favorite book! Keep it on file, it might come in handy later, after all making a book trailer is a very popular English project! The best made, most entertaining book trailer wins! Winners will be posted on our blog!






Creative Gardening Contest!

It is not too late to garden this summer! Here is how to grow your own vegetables and other plants even if you don’t have much room.


It is super easy, super fun, and you can get as creative as you want! comment with some cool containers you can garden in like: egg cartons, coffee mugs, cans, wagons, trash bags and more! The most creative idea wins! Winners will be posted on the blog!


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